Yarra Valley engineering support

Special small projects

Bring your ideas to life without over committing commercially in the early development stages. This practice is continually involved in developing concepts and maintains the tools and contacts to efficiently progress things in the background    . . . more

Design and drafting

A resource to periodically support your talent base  . . . more

Manufacturing support

A seamless procedure from specification to delivery  . . . more

   Project management

Phase 1 - Initiation

The feasibility stage where ideas are explored and options filtered down to a single commitment. The project owner is usually best placed to drive this phase however RISKDOWN provides a genuine contribution in risk management  . . . more

Phase 2 - Planning

Project planning formalises the process following approval to proceed and sets up a structure that will define the project  . . . more

Phase 3 - Execution

The project execution phase actions and monitors the elements that define the project on and off site where success is defined by a clear and continuious communication path between all stakeholders  . . . more

Phase 4 - Monitoring & control

The project is now well underway and this phase ensures a seamless transition to commissioning and a managed closeout procedure  . . . more

Phase 5 - Managed closout

The project is essentially complete and ready to handover now except for some formalities to fulfill the remaining safety, quality, commercial, compliance, warranty and ownership obligations  . . . more

    Construction management

Phase 1 - Site layout

The process of identifying locations for laydown areas, fuel storage, secure storage  . . . more

Phase 2 - Site establishment

Prepare construction zones, heavy lift pads, laydown areas, crib facilities, power  . . . more

Phase 3 - Safety systems

Setup job risk assessments, permits to work, fatigue management rules, relief supervisor training  . . . more

Phase 4 - Mobilisation

Contractor support during work zone setup, crib mobilisation, traffic management training  . . . more

Phase 5 - Construction & demolition

On site and off site construction and quality assurance  . . . more

Phase 6 - Demobilisation

Handover activities and make good the site prior to contractors leaving  . . . more



RISKDOWN maintains a portfolio of patents and special products   . . . more





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